Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728

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Spesifikasi Produk Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728 :


Size : 70 x 89 x 358 mm

Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728

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Rp 12.705.000,00

Deskripsi Produk Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728 :

Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728

Fitur Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728:

  • Push & Pull Door Handle
  • Mobile Notifications when family members arrive at home
  • Quick view of in & out activities
  • One touch unlock with your smarrphone bluetooth

Connected Doorlock Service

Check family members’ safe return through real time notifications

Receive real time sHome app push notifications when certain family members arrive at home
such as your child or elderly parent
Ex) Check the safe return of children in dual income families

  • No need to carry door keys
    Unlock your door with your smartphone

    Approach to the door lock and unlock the door by simply touching the door button on the sHome app 
    Unlocking with RF Cards, password, or fingerprint is also available

  • Increase home security by checking 
    in & out records

    View the door usage records of your home via sHome App anytime
    (up to 30 records)

Most convenient way to open doors, do not turn, but push!

No more grab and turn, just pull and push!
The push-pull door handle mechanism makes it easier to open and close the door than ever before.

  • Welcome feature for Users

    The equipped IR sensor automatically activates the Welcome Feature, 
    once the sensor detects any motions within the range of 50cm.

  • Operation status sign

    operlation status notice

  • Suspicious movement alert

    When the embedded IR sensor detects any
    suspicious movement for more one minute,
    the door lock sounds warning siren

Quick escape in emergency

In the event of emergency such as a fire or earthquake, one step push-pull handle helps quick 
and safe escape from a house

Intruder prevention feature with one touch.

With a simple One Touch of ‘Home Shape’ button, users could provide against any external intrusion while outings.
During the feature activation, alarm chime breaks out if an intruder entered from windows, verandas etc. 
other than door(with installed doorlock) try to operate the doorlock inside the house

  • Globally approved technology and quality of Samsung

    With globally approved Samsung’s quality and reliability validation, 
    Push Pull owns 14 cases (inc. 3 international) of patent application. 
    Also, with ‘Two Way Latch Mortise’, overall door 
    operations(open/close) has improved with confidence.
    ※ Self-Inspection 100K times

OS Version : Android V4.3 ~ 5.1 / iOS V8.0 ~

Samsung Galaxy S4 Galaxy S5 Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 edge
Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy Note 5  
LG G4 V10      
Apple iPhone5 iPhone5S iPhone6 iPhone6 Plus  
Lenovo Vibe Shot        
Xiomi MI 4C MI 4I      
Oppo RTT        
vivo vivo X5L        
Coolpad Y75        
Huawei Honr7 RIO-L02      

Spesifikasi Detail Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728:

  • Voltage: AA Alkaline 1.5 Batteries (LR6) 4EA or 8EA (6V)
  • Emergency Power Source: 9V Battery (6LF22) (Separately sold)
  • Operation Method: Electronic Control Method (Password entry or fingerprint or card or key tag reading)
  • Weight: 4.1 kg (including both inner and outer bodies)
  • Product Dimension: 
  • Outer Body (incl Handle): 87.5 X 391.8 X 64.5mm(WxHxD)
    • Inner Body (incl Handle): 88.5 X 357.6 X 69.3mm(WxHxD)

Smart Doorlock Samsung SHP-DP728

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