Network Kit (25 pcs) dengan ID Finder Krisbow KW0600718

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Spesifikasi Detail Network Kit (25 pcs) dengan ID Finder Krisbow KW0600718:

Features Cable port type RJ-45 
 Combines tone generator, of fice ID check, network tester, and pin by pin cable tester 
 Remote unit for pin by pin tests of patch cable or installed cable 
 Office / port ID checker establishes ID number of up to 100 networks or patch panel outlets without labels 
 Can give type and speed of both active and inactive network devices 
 Tone generator tracing cable and pin pointing fault locations easy 
 Network tester blinks the hub or switch port light for easy port identification, and displays network activity and speed 
 Compact, lightweight, and portable 
 Line voltage tester prevents damage to equipment 
 handy ID rack keeps remote ID terminators safe and ready to hand
Benefits Splash proof, for wet condition.
Specifications KW0600718
 Network Kit
 With 25 pcs ID finder
 Dimension 130x90x40 mm
 Weight 550 g
ColorWhite & Blue
Packing Dimension28 cm, 22.5 cm, 8cm (L x W x H)
Packing Weight0.885 Kg
What's in the box Network Kit (1pc)
 manual book (1pc)
 finder (25pcs)
 remote (1pc)
 cable (1pc)
 plug connector (1pc)
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