Logger Kyoritsu 5020

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Size : 111 x 60 x 42 mm

Logger Kyoritsu 5020

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Logger Kyoritsu 5020

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Normal Recording Mode
(AC 50/60Hz, Sine wave, Input: 10% or more of the range at CH1)
Range RMS Accuracy
100.0mA |±2.0%rdg±0.9%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Other ranges |±1.5%rdg±0.7%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Crest Factor |2.5 or less: RMS accuracy (sine) + 2%rdg + 1%f.s.

*Max, Min and Instant Peak values in Normal Recording mode are just reference values:
their accuracies aren't guaranteed.

Trigger Recording Mode (AC 50/60Hz sine wave)

Range Accuracy
100.0mA |±3.5%rdg±2.2%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Other ranges |±3.0%rdg±2.0%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor

Capture/Power Quality Analysis Recording Mode

Range Accuracy
100.0mA |±3.0%rdg±1.7%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Other ranges |±2.5%rdg±1.5%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor

KEW 5010 KEW 5020
Recording Mode Normal, Trigger, Capture Normal, Trigger, Capture, Power Quality Analysis
Operating System Successive Approximation
(CH1 single synchronized sampling)
Rated max. working voltage AC 9.9Vrms, 14V peak value
Number of input channel 3ch
Measuring method True RMS
RMS measuring interval approx. 100ms
Sampling interval
Normal/Trigger mode approx. 1.65ms/CH
Capture mode approx. 0.55ms (waveform: at every 1.1ms)
P.Q.A. mode - approx. 0.55ms
Low battery warning Battery mark display (in 4 levels)
Over-range indication "OL" mark is displayed when exceeding the measuring range
Auto power off Power-off function operates automatically after a switch remains for 3min. (when recording is stopped)
Location for use Indoor use, Altitude up to 2000m
Operating temperature & humidity range -10ºC - 50ºC / Relative humidity 85% or less
(no condensation)
Battery DC6V: Alkaline battery (LR6) ×4pcs / External supply DC9V (Special AC Adapter)
Possible measurement time Approx. 10 days (with alkaline LR6 batteries)
Applicable standards IEC 61010-1:2001 CAT III 300V Pollution degree2
IEC 61326 (EMC standard)
Withstand voltage AC 3540V (RMS 50/60Hz) / for 5 sec.
Dimension 111(L)×60(W)×42(D)mm
Weight Approx. 265g
Accessories Alkaline battery LR6×4pcs, 9118 (Carrying case)
PC software "KEW LOG Soft 2", 7148 (USB cable)
Instruction manual, Quick manual, Install manual,
USB Notice sheet
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