Insulation Tester APPA 605

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Spesifikasi Produk Insulation Tester APPA 605 :

SKU : APPA 605

Size : 200 x 95 x 512 mm

Insulation Tester APPA 605

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Deskripsi Produk Insulation Tester APPA 605 :

Insulation Tester APPA 605


Voltage DC

APPA 605
Ranges: 600.0V
Best Accuracy: +/-(1.0%+5d)
Resolution: 0.1V
Input Impedance: 3MOhms
Overload Protection: 600V Rms Or DC 

 Voltage AC APPA 605
Best Accuracy: +/-(1.5%+5d) 50Hz~5KHz
Resolution: 0.1V
Input Impedance: 3MOhms//<100pF
Overload Protection: 600V Rms Or DC
 Earth Bond Resistance

APPA 605
Best Accuracy: +/-(1.5%+3d)
Resolution: 0.01Ohm
Overload Protection: 600V Rms Or DC

 Insulation Resistance APPA 605
Test Voltage Ranges:
 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V DC
Resistance Ranges: 0.001MOhms~20GOhms
Best Accuracy: +/-(1.5%+5d)
Resolution: 1KOhms
Overload Protection: 600V Rms Or DC


 Sampling Rate:  APPA 605: 3times/Sec          APPA 607: 6times/Sec
 Overload Indication:  "OL" Or "-OL"
 Lower Battery Indication:  
 Auto Power Off:  20 Minutes
 Operating Temp.  0~50Celsius Degree, <=80%R.H.
 Storage Temp.  -20~60Celsius Degree
 Temp. Coefficient:  0.15(Spec.Acc)/Celsius Degree, 
<18Celsius Degree Or>28Celsius Degree
 Safety:  IEC61010 And Designed To Meet UL61010, CAT.IV600V(605)
 APPA 607 Also Has CAT.III 1000V Rating.
 Power Requirement:  AA Size 1.5V X 4 Batteries(NEDA 15A Or IEC LR6)
 Battery Life:  APPA 605: 1100times/Insulation Test
 APPA 607:80 Hours (Alkaline Battery)
 Size:  95mm(W) X 200mm(L) X 51.20mm(H) , Without Holster
 Weight:  630 Grams (With Holster)
 Accessories:  Remote Probe, Test Leads, Alligator Clips, Protective
 Holster,  Magnetic Hanging Kit, Alkaline Batteries (Installed)
 And Manual. APPA 607 Also Included  Temp. Adaptor And 
 Bead Probe.

Insulation Tester APPA 605

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