Alat Ukur Tegangan Power Monitor Benetech GM88

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Spesifikasi Produk Alat Ukur Tegangan Power Monitor Benetech GM88

SKU : GM88
Size : 120*60*55.6mm

Alat Ukur Tegangan Power Monitor Benetech GM88

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Deskripsi Produk Alat Ukur Tegangan Power Monitor Benetech GM88

Alat Ukur Tegangan Power Monitor Benetech GM88

This product adopts the micromputer chip with high integration and specialized chip for energy metering,along with current sensor and LCD display with high precision,to achieve a comprehensive monitoring of electrical equipment,can be used to monitor the air conditioners,refrigerators and microwave ovens and other household appliances,measuring instruments can also be used as a teaching,but also suitable for famillies,rental housing,office,laboratory environment.

  • Model No. GM88
  • Applicable power supply 220V 50Hz
  • Working voltage range 180.0V~260.0V
  • Maximum rated current 10A
  • Maximum power 2200W
  • Power measurable range 0.2W~2200W
  • Maximum accumulated electric quality 99999KWh
  • Maximum accumulated time 99999minutes
  • Power factor 0.001~1.000
  • Over current protection 12A:seconds 15A:2seconds
  • Time swith appointment 20groups on-off control period can be set
  • Backlight function ON/OFF
  • Precision level 1
  • Constant 6400imp/kWh
  • Power dissipation <1W
  • Working temperature 0~45C
  • Storage temperature —20~60C
  • Monitoring the present active power yes
  • Monitoring the present voltage/current/frequency yes
  • Record power consumed yes
  • Record powering time yes
  • Calculating the CO2 emission volume yes
  • Power factor pick-up yes
  • Setting overload threshold yes
  • large LCD display yes
  • clock display yes
  • buzzer alarm yes
  • Dimension 120*60*55.6mm
  • package size 200*131*58mm
  • Weight 135g
  • Package weight 170g

Alat Ukur Tegangan Power Monitor Benetech GM88

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