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Spesifikasi Produk: AIR DRYER 7.5HP 35CFM 220V 1PH

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Size: 70x42x71 cm

Nama Produk : AIR DRYER 7.5HP 35CFM 220V 1PH

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Deskripsi Produk : AIR DRYER 7.5HP 35CFM 220V 1PH

Nama Produk : AIR DRYER 7.5HP 35CFM 220V 1PH

Deskripsi produk AIR DRYER 7.5HP 35CFM 220V 1PH

Fitur Produk:

  • Excellent Properties of KRISBOW Series of Dryers :
  • Hightemperature in the inlet:The post cooler and precooler can allow airbelow 80C to enter.
  • High capacity of freezing:It is equipped withlarge horse power refrigerant compressor that can make fully coolingbefore refrigerating ,the wind quantity of which is larg er by 30% thanthe products of the kind .In addition ,the temperature of the dew pointis steady ,which will make 99% vapor change into dew drops.
  • Excellent drainage:The efficiency of the supper centrifu gal andcurrent-collecting double water separator prevails over99%. Highquality: The world famous high quality parts and fittings wit h longlife-span are adopted.
  • Nice appearance and easy applica tion: Noconsumables, full-automatic drainage and manual drainage make a lowworking cost .The continuous working is reliable.

Spesifikasi Produk: 

Processing Air Volume Liter/min / CFM : 1000 / 35 Meet to Air Compresso r for HP : 7.5 Limit of Utilization Conditions : 1. Inlet temperature80 deg.C 2. Ambient temperature 45 deg.C 3. Air pressure 1.0 Mpa(10bar) Pressure Dew-point : 2 ~ 5 deg.C (equal to air dew-point 20deg.C) Refrigera nt : R134 Power : AC220V/50Hz 1Phase RefrigerantCompressor Moto r HP : 1/2 Diameter of Air Entry and Exit Tube : 3/4IN 

 Nama Produk : AIR DRYER 7.5HP 35CFM 220V 1PH

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