Temperature-Controlled Soldering Stations Goot RX-711AS

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Temperature-Controlled Soldering Stations Goot RX-711AS

Lightweight, slim handpiece with reduced heat-up!

Included : Station Unit, Soldering Iron (RX-72GAS / PX-60RT-B included), Soldering Iron Stands (ST-27) Brass Wool & Sponges included

Model : RX-711AS
Voltage : 220V, AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 65W
Power Cord Length : 1.2m
Temperature Setting Range : 200 - 480C
Ripple temperature : 5 Celcius (unloaded)
Insulation Resistance : Over 100M (500V DC)
Accessories Soldering Iron Stand (ST-27 ),Soldering Iron Tip (PX-60RT-B)

Control Unit
Output Voltage : 24V AC
Dimensions : 115(W) 98(H) 146(D)mm
Weight : 1.5kg

Soldering Unit
Voltage / Consumption : 24V AC / 60W
Ground Resistance : Less than 2 Ohm
Leak Voltage : Less than 2mV
Heater : Ceramic heater
Cord Length : 1.2m
Length : 197mm (with PX-60RT-B)
Weight : 44g (with PX-60RT-B)


Quick Heat Recovery
New heater with internal sensor achieves 60W.

Easy to Use
Allows two-tiered setting with another RX-701AS/711AS.

High Insulation. Reliable 24V Output.
The heater is completely separated from the input power by the insulated transformer. And the 24V heater is safe to use for sensitive components.

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