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Sound Level Meter LUTRON SL4011



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Fitur Sound Level Meter LUTRON SL4011:

  • Frequency & time weighting meet IEC 61672 class 2.
  • A, C weighting, Max., Data hold, fast/slow time weighting.
  • AC/DC output, Max. Hold.
  • Reset button for Max. hold.
  • Range : 3 ranges, 35 to 130 dB.
Spesifikasi Detail Sound Level Meter LUTRON SL4011
Country of OriginTaiwan
Dimension255 x 70 x 28 mm (10.0x2.8x1.1 inch).
Display18mm (0.7") LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), 3 1/2 digits
FunctiondB (A & C frequency weighting), Time weighting(Fast, Slow), Max. hold, AC & DC output.
Measurement Range3 ranges, 30 to 130 dB, input signal only.
Resolution0.1 dB.
Accuracy (23 ± 5?)Frequency weighting meet IEC 61672 type 2, calibrating input signal on 94 dB
Frequency Weighting NetworkCharacteristics of A & C. A weighting - The characteristic is simulated as "Human Ear Listing" response. Typical, if making the environmental sound level measurement, always select to A weighting. C weighting - The characteristic is near the "FLAT" response. Typical, it is suitable for checking the noise of machinery (Q.C. check) & knowing the sound pressure level of the tested equipment.
Frequency31.5 Hz to 8,000 Hz.
CalibratorB & K (Bruel & kjaer), multi-fuction acoustic calibrator, model : 4226
MicrophoneElectric condenser microphone
Size of microphone1/2 inch standard size.
Range selector30 to 80 dB, 50 to 100 dB, 80 to 130 dB, 50 dB on each step, with over & under range indicating.
Time weighting (Fast & Slow)Fast - t= 200 ms, Slow - t = 500 ms,
Calibration* Build in external calibration VR, easy to calibrate by external screw driver.
* Internal oscillation system, 1 KHz sine wave generator.
Output SignalAC output - AC 0.5 Vrms corresponding to each range step.
DC output - DC 0.3 to 1.3 VDC, 10 mV per dB.
Out put impedance - 600 ohm.
Out terminal3.5 phone output terminal is provided for connection with analyzer, level recorder, tape recorder.
Operating Temp.0? to 50? ( 32? to 122? )
Operating HumidityLess than 80% RH
Power Supply006P DC 9V battery(heavy duty type).
Power ConsumptionApprox. DC 6mA.
Weight280 g/0.62 LB (including battery).
Standard AccessoriesInstruction Manual .................................................................. 1 PC
Optional Accessories94 dB Sound Calibrator, Model : SC-941.
94 dB/114 dB Sound Calibrator, Model : SC-942.
Hard carrying case, Model : CA-06.