Sound Meter 3M™ Sound Examiner SE-400



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The Sound Examiner SE-400 series of sound meters are engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments. These easy-to-use instruments calculate the average sound pressure level (LEQ/LAVG) over the run time; data log the maximum, minimum and peak values, and enable data to be downloaded for further analysis.

With the SE-400's intuitive user interface you are only one press away from taking your acoustic measurements. Measurement parameters include SPL,Lavg/Leq, Min, Max, and Peak. These rugged, high-quality instruments meet applicable accuracy and performance requirements for sound level meters as defined by ANSI S1.4, ANSI S1.42, IEC 61672, IEC 61010, and IEC 61000-4.

The SE-401 Class 1 unit offers an optional removable preamp for remote capability.

The SE-400 has a large transflective 128 x 128 pixel resolution with LED backlighting to help you see the display clearly in low-light environments. It includes backlight modes for both low and high intensity.

Enforcement of local noise ordinances requires measuring noise levels and documenting results, particulary when a ciation is issued. The easy to use SoundPartrol portal digital printing capability included on the SE 401 with Class/Type 1 or SE-402 Class/Type2 models requires minimal training, so it can be easily deployed in the field by law enforcement personnel. Includes I/O and serial printing connector.

Variable, user-selectable data logging intervals. Stored session summary data includes: LEQ/LAVG, LMax, LMin, LPk(peak), and user settings. Use 3M(TM) Detection Management Software (DMS) to export, report and share data from the SE-400 series of sound meters.