Milliamp Clamp Meter Fluke 772

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Save time by NOT breaking the loop on 4-20 mA signal measurements.

Are you spending time:

  • Taking mA measurements by removing a wire and breaking the loop
  • Calling the control room to isolate a loop
  • Testing analog input/output on a console
  • Troubleshooting devices with mA inputs and outputs
  • Repairing intermittent or erratic 4-20 mA loops
  • Going back to the shop to get extra tools

If you need more time in your busy day take a good look at the Fluke 772 mA Clamp Meters. It’s designed to save you time, and money, by eliminating time wasting activities. Now you can troubleshoot and repair 4-20 mA loops without breaking the loop or bringing down the system.

Here are some specific ways the Fluke 772 Clamp Meters will help you:

Milliamp Clamp Features


How it saves time and money

Measure mA signals for PLC and control system analog I/O without breaking the loop

Measures low level dc current

Correlate process indication with real physical value

Measure output signals from transmitters without breaking the loop

Maintain and troubleshoot process and automation equipment without breaking the loop

No disruption to the process

Detachable clamp with extension cable

Measurements in tight locations

Enables measurements in difficult situations

Measurement Spotlight

Illuminates hard to see wires in dark enclosures

Measurement process is easier and quicker

Measure up to 99.9 mA range non-contact

Wide range of measurements

Measures 10 to 50 mA signals in older control systems

Automatic power off

After 15 minutes and 2 minute automatic off for backlight and spotlight

Saves battery life


Diameter of measurable conductor 0.177” or 4.5 mm max
Operating temperature -10 to 50 ºC
Storage Temperature -25 to 60ºC
Operating Humidity < 90% @ <30 ºC, < 75% @ 30 to 55ºC
Operating Altitude 0 to 2000 m
IP Rating IP 40
Size 59 x 38 x 212 mm, (2.32 x 1.5 x 8.35 in.)
Weight 260G, (9.1 oz.)
Vibration Random 2 g, 5 to 500 Hz
Shock 1 meter drop test (except the jaw)
EMI/RFI Meets EN61326-1 
Note: For current measurement w/ JAW, add 1mA to 
specification for EMC field strengths of 1V/m up to 3V/m.
Temperature Coefficient 0.01% ºC 
(<18? or > 28?)
Power, battery life (2) AA 1.5 V Alkaline, IEC LR6, 40 hours typical
Warranty Three years for electronics one year for cable and clamp assembly

Functional Specifications

mA measurement 
(Measured by clamp) 
Resolution and Range:     0 to 20.99 mA
Accuracy:                        0.2% + 2 counts
Resolution and Range:     21.0mA to 100.0 mA
Accuracy:                        1% + 5 counts
mA measurement 
(Measured in series with test jacks) 
Resolution and Range:
Resolution and Range:     0 to 24.00 mA
Accuracy:                        0.2% + 2 counts
mA source (Maximum mA Drive: 
24 mA into 1,000 ohms) 
Resolution and Range:
Resolution and Range:     0 to 24.00 mA
Accuracy:                   0.2% + 2 counts
mA simulate 
(Maximum voltage 50 V dc) 
Resolution and Range:
Resolution and Range:     0 to 24.00 mA
Accuracy:                   0.2% + 2 counts
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